The Wonderful Option of Adoption

The Wonderful Option of Adoption

When our son Randy was close to a year and a half old, we prayed for God’s guidance in adopting another child.  At that time we were living in Eugene, Oregon, serving at Norvale Park Church (which is now Garden Way Church), and preparing to raise support for Alpine Christian Mission.  Holt Adoption Agency supplied our answer to prayer with a small bundle they named Jong In Lee – but we chose to name her Sandra Joy (which goes very well with Randall Troy, don’t you think?)  The name not only goes well, but she goes well with our family. Not only well – but outstandingly well!  Perfect fit!  As many of you know, Sandy is our office manager – and we rely continually on her skills to carry out the work we are doing for our mission projects.

We dedicated the book, “MORE THAN CONQUERORS IN CULTURAL CLASHES”, to Sandy because it would not exist without her.  Here are the last two paragraphs in the dedication: “As an additional note – we have been asked if it is possible to love an adopted child as much as our own biological child.  (Randy is our son – we love him deeply.)  To answer this question, I want to clarify that Sandy’s temperament, personality and skills are so similar to Della’s that some people say she’s a duplicate, although she doesn’t look exactly like Della.  Once Della said to Sandy, ‘Well, you probably inherited that from me.’  Sandy replied, ‘Mom! I wasn’t born from you!’  Della responded, ‘Oh yeah, I forgot!’

“If you are considering adoption, we highly recommend it.  It is a wonderful option!  You may rescue a child for Jesus and discover that He blesses you abundantly with a lifelong co-worker and companion for life’s journey.  Also, your adopted child may become the source of the fun and frolic of beautiful grandchildren!”

Since adoption is a wonderful option, if you know someone who is considering (or may consider) adoption, please let us know.  We will be happy to put them in touch with our co-workers at Love Cradle International, who specialize in facilitating wonderful options!

From Our Mailbox

“I was reading for my morning devotions what follows.  I was so blessed that I hope to bless you by passing this along:                                 ‘WHERE IS GOD LEADING?’

‘JAMES 1:2-4 ‘CONSIDER IT A GREAT JOY, MY BROTHERS, WHENEVER YOU EXPERIENCE VARIOUS TRIALS, KNOWING THAT THE TESTING OF YOUR FAITH PRODUCES ENDURANCE. BUT ENDURANCE MUST DO ITS COMPLETE WORK, SO THAT YOU MAY BE MATURE AND COMPLETE, LACKING NOTHING.’  Whether you realize it or not, times of adversity can be times of intense personal and spiritual growth.  Our difficult days are also times where we can learn and relearn some of life’s most important lessons.  The next time you experience a difficult moment, a difficult day, or a difficult year, ask yourself this question.  Where is God leading me?  In times of struggle and sorrow, you can be certain that God is leading you to a place of His choosing. Your duty is to watch, to pray, to listen, and to follow.  A tried Christian grows rich by his losses, he rises by his falls, he lives by dying, and he becomes full by being emptied!’

Proverbs 3:11-12 ‘Do not despise the Lord’s instruction, my son, and do not loathe His discipline, for the Lord disciplines the one He loves, just as a Father, the son he delights in.’  When we seek with all that we are to follow the will of God for our lives, we can count on some marvelous promises from the Lord. We can depend on living forever with God (Psalm 23; 1 John 2:17); we can enjoy the new life that He provides now through the Son (Romans 6:40; and we can trust in the promises of His guidance for our lives: ‘Trust the Lord with all your heart, and don’t depend on your own understanding.  Remember the Lord in all you do, and He will give you success.  Don’t depend on your own wisdom.  Respect the Lord and refuse to do wrong.’ (Proverbs 3:5-7).

Praying for you and Della,


Reggie (Thomas)”


“Dear Rick:

We were pleased to receive your words of encouragement for Dr. Dobson, particularly with regard to his opposition to pornography.  It likewise was heartening to see that you have adopted a similar posture.  We also appreciate you including a copy of the letter that Dr. Lively sent to you, and we have prayed that God will continue to provide the needed support for his ministry and sustain him as he seeks to have an influence for righteousness in the culture.


David Harleyson, Office of the President”


Note from Rick: I recently heard this on the radio:

Nearly 90% of all American children are watching pornography.

The porn industry makes more money than the NBA, NFL and MLB combined!  Please pray!  Spiritual awakening is desperately needed!


“Dear Rick,

… I totally agree with you, Rick. This is a very very serious issue. Before talking about porn, I wanna talk about the influence of media. I have been fighting it for a long time now. Media has a lot of influence on teenagers and young people. More than what we could imagine. That’s why I absolutely hate and loathe Hollywood and Bollywood industries. I wish more Christian parents were stricter with what they are letting their kids watch. Some people look at me as a legalistic Pharisee, but I think it is indeed important for us to make strict rules and hard decisions for the safety of our loved ones. I believe that Indian movies are responsible to a great extent for the numerous rapes that are happening in India. It’s not just movies, but even social media and the stuff that is present in it is very dangerous and misleading. Are there good movies out there? Yes! Is there any good in social media? Yes! but, considering the negligible amount of benefits they offer compared to the destruction they are capable of doing, I believe it is wise for us to stay away from them and keep kids away from them. It’s not an easy thing to do, but must be done anyway.

And coming to the issue of porn – Yes, it is indeed pervasive and persuasive and DEADLY. I too was affected by it in the past. I was introduced to it through friends in school and it is so gripping. I used to hate myself after watching it – used to plead with God for forgiveness and strength to overcome it and then used to find myself repeating it after a while. I used to experience episodes of darkness when I would be drawn to it and then I used to have long moments of freedom before I fell again. This struggle lasted for many years. It was not easy. Like the apostle Paul, I mourned over my sin. I used to cry before the Lord, on my knees saying, “How long should this go on, Lord? I don’t want to do it. But I am doing it. Help me… I do not want to do it…” I noticed that emotional pain used to drive me to it. Sort of like an escape route. I tried different techniques to overcome it but only saw victory for brief periods of time.

Paul Washer’s sermons have greatly helped me in this struggle. His sermons helped me to grow in my prayer and devotional life. I am now free of the bonds of this sin. Porn is no longer a struggle in my life. It’s a story of the past. How did the change happen? I’d say it is pure grace! I am telling the truth. Yes, I did use strategies and take active steps in fighting it, but they are NOT the factors that helped me win over this sin. It was prayer! I cannot explain its mystery. I just know that it works. God himself acted in my life and gave me victory over this struggle. It was miraculous. the bonds are gone and the struggle is over. However, I remind myself of my past state every day to make sure I will not get conceited or prideful in my own sight and fall again. This constant reminding not only keeps me sober, but also increases thankfulness in my heart for his grace. I firmly believe that overcoming sin, especially porn and sexual sins, is not easy, if not impossible, for anyone in their own strength. Strategies like the “conquerors” do help, but in the end, if we do not fully rely on God, we will not win this battle.

In as much as I am thankful to God for his work in my life, I am also concerned for others who are still struggling with this. Me and my friend Annudheer, we are trying our best to influence people around us, especially students, and help them overcome these struggles. He is doing his work in India, and I am doing my work here in Australia. I will continue to pray about it to see what God would want me to do about it and how he would lead me forward…

Also, pray for the wonderful harvest that is available here. There are multitudes of students here who do not know our Lord and Saviour yet. I have already got to share the gospel with a few of them. Still more to reach! Apologetics is of a great help here because most of my audience are students who believe in evolutionistic propaganda. I will share more about what God is doing in my life in a later email. Thank you for bringing this topic up, Rick. This is something I actively talk about with everyone. Because it needs to addressed!

I am praying for Della. How is her health now?

Much love, Paul (Sudhakar).”


“Hi Rick,

That was a good read.  Thanks for your newsletter.  Lots to ruminate on.   Like it all….. Your strong admonitions are well taken.  I hope all on board read and Amen them. You’re so right.  It’s all God’s doing and marvelous in our sight.

So much of what you wrote in your letter are verses that are on my mind as well.  Thanks for taking the time to write them all down so well, Rick.

Dennis (Petersen)”


Hi folks,

Just a note that I found July newsletter very inspiring..

Thanks to you both, and I wish I lived closer to Della for more inspiration!!

Frank comes home Friday after his 4th straight camp, then we go together to Week of Missions Camp Winema, always a highlight   This year more grandkids and family are going.

We keep plugging away trying to encourage our family to realize there is no better way to live than for our Lord and Savior, and to keep the eternal rewards that will be theirs always in sight.

❤️ Karen  Miller


Family Matters and Prayer Requests

  1. Retirement from Deighton Lighting = slowing down? We have almost decided that this concept is an illusion! Actually, we haven’t closed down the business entirely yet because not all the bids we had in process are finished – but they should be done soon.  But then there are the factors of finishing the revised and expanded version of, Is the Bible without Any Errors?, correspondence with co-workers in Ukraine and Germany, correspondence and phone calls and meetings with NWSM co-workers, visiting sick and struggling friends, playing with our grandkids, organizing and following up on speaking appointments, etc.  Hebrews 4:1 says: “Therefore while the promise of entering His rest still stands…”  I believe that is referring to our heavenly Home!  (I do try to rest one day a week – but please don’t ask Della about that!)
  2. Della’s cousin, Jan Baimbridge, had an aggressive, fast-acting cancer that was first positively diagnosed on June 27 – but took her life on August 1. Jan was more like a sister to Della than a cousin, so we took the long drive over to Oakland, Oregon, for her memorial (Celebration of Life) on Tuesday, August 7. Yes, Jan is gone, that is the sad news.  The glad news is – gone Home!  Kris Tripp, dedicated minister of the gospel of Christ, did an excellent job of weaving together Jan’s quality of character with sharing the glorious good news at the graveside service.  Please pray with us for all of Jan’s family members to come to Jesus for forgiveness and life – eternal life!
  3. We arrived home Wednesday evening, August 8, then on Saturday a.m., August 11, I got a phone call from Bruce Bond that his dad, Russ Bond, had a third devastating stroke and was in intensive care at St. Alphonsus Hospital in Boise. Russ and Glenna Bond have been long time friends and supporters of Overseas Outreach mission. The Father called Glenna home about two years ago, and Russ has been having a very difficult time ever since.  I changed clothes and headed for the hospital.  Russ was not conscious, and I’m not sure if he could hear me even when I spoke close to his ear and squeezed his hand.  I did have a good prayer time with Russ’ family.  About 10:30 Saturday evening God called Russ Home.

Praise God, Russ put his trust in Jesus – and has now graduated to glory.  Please pray for our Father to comfort his family in their loss – especially pray fervently for Bruce, who is battling his own serious health issues, coupled with the grief of his loss.  And, of course, pray for the Spirit to draw every one of Russ’ family members to trust Jesus for everything!

The summer issue of One Body magazine has a copy of the following  letter from Russ Bond:

“I want to subscribe to ‘One Body’ for a man who is in prison.  His mother attends church, and she recently accepted Christ and was immersed.  She is such a sweet person and so sincere.  It must be heartbreaking for her to have a husband and also a son incarcerated… The reason I chose your ministry is because ‘One Body’ (and ‘The Knowlesletter’) contain so much good information in short articles from different writers, and it makes for easy reading.  Enclosed is a check for a one-year subscription for ‘One Body’. Russ Bond”

  1. On Friday this week I plan, our Lord willing, to leave for Oregon again to visit good friends and give a report in class and preach for church services in Vernonia (August 19) and Oakland (August 26). Please pray for Almighty God to stir hearts and challenge them to deeper commitment to His glory. Oh, on September 9, I’m to share the Word again at Sunrise Church in Ontario – then on September 10 depart on the next mission trip to Ukraine and Germany.  We appreciate your prayers so much!
  2. We are so thankful that Randy moved back to Nampa last summer with his family – so now they live just three miles from our home, and Sandy’s family is just over two miles from our home. We have enjoyed repeated occasions of joy at barbeques, holidays and other occasions. Randy has worked for two employers during this past year, but has now launched his own business – ID Fence.  (He is an entrepreneur at heart.)  Please pray for God’s blessing as Randy seeks His Father’s guidance and will in leading his family and providing for them.

On legal papers, Randy and Sandy are our only son and daughter – but we also have many emotionally adopted “kids and grandkids”!  We also thoroughly enjoy special times with these we consider extended family.

  1. One of those emotionally adopted sons is Paul Sudhakar, whose testimony you’ve read in “From Our Mailbox.” Praise God for delivering him – and please pray for millions more to find deliverance from addictions to all manner of bondages through our Lord Jesus.
  2. God is continuing to answer our prayers for moving forward with NWSM, and we praise Him. Have you been to see our Vision Center? Even if you have – we have new displays and information about His answers.  Please check our website at – and call 208-972-6288 for an appointment for a guided tour.
  3. Please pray for significant increase in our donor base for both Overseas Outreach and Northwest Science Museum.

Attention Potential Donors

The needs for Overseas Outreach are huge, and we recognize that many potential givers do not write checks and send them by snail mail, so we now have a PayPal account on our website ( for those of you  who prefer that method of giving.  We are also looking into ways to expand into other opportunities for potential donors.  Please pray!

  1. Please pray for the end of war and bloodshed in eastern Ukraine – and praise God for the many rescued souls among the refugees (IDP) who have experienced the love of Christ through the compassion of believers in the rest of Ukraine.
  2. Please pray for persecuted believers everywhere – and for the release of Asia Bebe in Pakistan and Andrew Brunson in Turkey (both being unjustly held in prison on false charge).

“I’m Glad I’m Alive”

Recently Trinity Hope came bounding through our house announcing, “I’m glad I’m alive!”  On this earth cursed because of sin, which is so plagued with sickness, sorrow, grief, discouragement, despondency, depression, despair and suicide – isn’t it refreshing to hear (or read) “I’m glad I’m alive!”?

Trinity’s middle name is “Hope,” and her first name is a reflection of the fact that Almighty God is Himself unity in diversity as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Unity in His diversity produces hope, joy, peace – the components of abundant life.  Yes, He is the author and producer of life – physically, spiritually, abundantly and eternally.

Trinity understands that even when we (her parents, grandparents, teachers, etc.) must discipline her – it is because we love her.  She knows we love her, and God loves her – deeply and truly.  Do you know that?  Have you submitted your will to His will?  Do you feel like bounding through your home announcing, “I’m glad I’m alive!”?  Ponder this: Whoever believes in the Son of God has the testimony in himself. Whoever does not believe God has made him a liar, because he has not believed in the testimony that God has borne concerning His Son. And this is the testimony, that God gave us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.  I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life. 1 John 5:10-13 (ESV).

Are you accepting and rejoicing in the fact that our Father’s discipline in your life is because He loves you?


“Hi Rick,

I finally found some time to respond to your request on your latest book.

First, I think it was wise to let the readers know, right up front, that the book is designed in your unique writing style – which includes a compilation of many conversations/correspondence you have had with a wide variety of people.

The content of your book is “spot-on” as they say across the pond.

This book will be a great companion to Dr. Charles Crane’s book: The Bible, The Reliable Word of God. I appreciate how your book clearly demonstrates the fact that God’s word is not just some static, ancient collection of writings, but a powerful source of timeless, propositional, objective truths, communicated to us from a loving Father who “wishes that none should perish, but ALL would come to repentance.” Also, you have demonstrated HOW to apply God’s truth in our daily discussions, or in a serious debate. I pray that those who read this book will follow your example of living out God’s truth. There are far too many people content in engaging the Bible in nothing more than an empty cerebral exercise.”

God bless!

Rich (Schell) Counselor, Professor & Minister of the Gospel of Christ


“Dear Rick,

I am sorry it took me so long to read the book. English is my second language and I wanted to read carefully.  I absolutely enjoyed reading it. My impression is that the structure of the book is very interesting and it’s easy to read.  The content is very useful, interesting and encouraging. The book exalts our Great God and glorifies Him.

Thank you for sharing this book with me.

Maryana (Vakula)”


“I am grateful that I’ve had a chance to preview this wonderful and challenging book.  If every Christian could read it and then give two copies to skeptics, what an impact I believe it would have!





The things you have added to the original edition are right on point, and you have a book that is both fun to read and deadly serious in its challenge.  Congratulations on the results of your dedicated work on this project.”

Tim Beatty, retired probation officer and supervisor with San Francisco Juvenile Probation Dept.


“We have all eternity to tell of victories won for Christ, but we only have a few hours before sunset to win them.”  – Jonathan Goforth

Thank you very much for partnering with us in prayer and financial support!

Rick & Della

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