More Than Conquerors in Cultural Clashes

More Than Conquerors in Cultural Clashes

“Rick, I know your heart for the Lord and the lost. I have always had deep admiration for you for your heart and life. I do not find you offensive nor overly blunt. I look forward to reading what you have to say. We do live when the USA is falling apart. I don’t know how much longer it can survive, not long I believe with the current direction. Something needs to be done to warn people. I have just been studying the Persian Empire and have observed that there were many similarities with them and the USA. They lasted 200 years and ruled the world. We have lasted just over 200 years and have been the strongest nation in the world’s history. But we are now bankrupt financially and morally. I cannot believe what people are willing to accept from our national and state leaders. It is a huge mess…..”

(Next paragraph is after he reviewed Chapter 2):

“Rick: This is SUPER great! I find no fault with it, wish it could be widely circulated and read. I did not read it for punctuation and proper English, but for content. As you know, I am very busy at the present, with more work every week than I can accomplish. But in reading it I find it is right on target and conveys in a very clear way my own views. God Bless you and Della.

Your friend and brother;

Charles Crane, Eagle Christian Church”

“Rick: I have read Chapter 4 and agree with you and your stand for Biblical morality and against perversion. I am impressed with your knowledge of the subject and ability to state clearly the issues involved. I thank God for your willingness to stand for right and truth….I heartily endorse this excellent work.

Your brother, Charles Crane”

* * * * * * * * * *

“This is all great material that is powerful truth as a Christian apologetic! We can pray God will use this to spread His gospel message!”  ~ Rich Schell

* * * * * * * * * *

“This chapter is a very strongly worded and forceful declaration of what needs to be heard in the USA. I think your wording and message is very appropriate and clear without being condescending. Did not find anything I would suggest you change. The chapter is strongly worded for patriotic presentation, but the message cannot be diluted and be effective…..I very much enjoyed reading your thoughts. Your comments are things I have felt for a long time need to be expressed to America.”   ~ D. Lloyd Thomas

* * * * * * * * * *

“Very good once again. I agree with you completely. Get this published and I pray everyone reads it. I couldn’t improve on it at all. Couple minor comments. Page 4: I agree about ‘gay’. I hate it that the homosexual community has spoiled a good word that used to mean happy and carefree…Page 5: My pastor says, ‘What you compromise to keep, you will lose.’…..

Thanks, Blessings, Stan Brower”

* * * * * * * * * *

“Hi bolder soldier!

“Wow, what a powerful exposé of the enemy’s strategy. It’s hard to imagine how far our country has moved from her ‘roots’! From the president on down, we are being pressured to actively endorse the abomination of homosexuality. Culture has turned from sinning with a tight fist to celebrating sin we ought to be ashamed of. Great reminders of who is tolerant. This chapter is on the money— what’s coming in your next chapter? Your illustrations are relevant; your comparisons are accurate, your metaphors are powerful.  Chapter 3 nearly melted down my computer screen.

A fellow soldier, Gary Strubhar”


.         “This book is bursting with enthusiasm for Biblical truth, and with a deep passion to see it applied as a corrective to perverted modern world culture.  The author is well versed in the ‘isms’ that define our age and in their destructive consequences, beginning with relativism and proceeding to its various progeny, e.g., political correctness, evolutionism, secularism, immorality, and liberalism.  The book is just as much exhortation as information; it reads like one get-busy sermon after another.  It is filled with facts, illustrations, and quotations from a wide spectrum of sources.  The material keeps bubbling out of the author’s pen like an unchecked spring of refreshing water.  We can either heed its message and bring life back to our nation and our world, or we can ignore it and allow everything around us to die of spiritual thirst.” 


Dr. Jack Cottrell, professor of theology and apologetics at Cincinnati Christian University

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