Is the Bible without Any Errors?

Is the Bible Without Any Errors?There are at least six basic questions which every human being asks himself (or herself). This is part of what distinguishes us as human beings—animals do not ask such questions. Here are the questions:

  1. Where did I come from? (Origin)
  2. Why am I here? (Purpose)
  3. Who am I really? (Identity)
  4. Is there meaning to life? (Reality)
  5. Where am I going? (Destiny)
  6. How do I know what is right and what is wrong? (Morality)

If a student goes through educational training for many years, even including graduate studies after college or university, yet never has any serious examination of the basic questions of life, is he truly educated? If educational institutions only provide naturalistic/evolutionary answers to these basic issues of life, while not even considering the evidence for a Designer outside of life, have they truly educated their students?

There is only one book which has adequate and valid answers to all of these fundamental questions, yet it is ignored, spurned, and mocked in many institutions of learning. The Bible is consistently the best-selling book in the world (without even a close second) – and for good reason. It is the Book that not only answers the questions of the mind, but also touches the heart and reaches to the deepest yearnings of the soul, longing for forgiveness, peace and joy.

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