Leaving a Legacy

May 2014
Leaving a Legacy

I have a huge file folder of prayer needs that I keep near my chair and reading stand so I can cycle through those requests to pray for them periodically. This morning (May 3) was an emotionally stirring time for me as I re-read our March 2008 Prayer Letter. I’ve decided to share portions of it with you again, and with the backdrop canvas of recent events and the current imminent dangers in Ukraine, I think you will understand my own emotion.

February 12, 2014, was the date of my departure this year for Ukraine. February 12, 2008, was the date of departure for Talmage Pace from this life to his eternal home. February 12 is also significant in the fact that two famous men were born on February 12, 1809 – Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin. One left a legacy of deception, death and destruction, and the other left a legacy of love, liberty and loyalty to truth. Do you want to guess which one left which legacy??? I’ll give you a hint. One of them was a man with a string of former failures on his record, a complaining wife in his house, and a war on his hands – yet he said, “A man is about as happy as he makes up his mind to be!” You got it! That was Abraham Lincoln, who died from an assassin’s bullet. Charles Darwin lived his later years as a recluse with constant illness (stomach problems and mental problems). Some historians believe he became psychotic as the result of his own inner turmoil over the devastation he knew his writings would bring morally, socially and politically. There are unconfirmed reports about his deathbed conversion and pretty good evidence that he did read extensively in the Bible, especially the book of Hebrews (which exalts the superiority and supremacy of Jesus). To his eternal shame, however, he never openly, honestly and publically renounced and denounced his own demonic, devastating, demoralizing destructive doctrine of evolutionism (now nicknamed Darwinism).

My friend, you are also leaving a legacy! Will it be a legacy of life, light, liberty and loyalty to truth – or of compromise of convictions, corruption, and concessions to your own lower nature? The temptations to compromise and corruption are everywhere – but in Christ we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS! Without Him we can do nothing – and we will end up as miserable failures with a loser’s legacy!

Now here is part of our March 2008 Prayer Letter:

“From Here to Eternity – Only a Short Step”

“About 9:30 a.m. on February 14th we received a phone call from David Pace, informing us that his father, Talmage Pace, had stepped from time into eternity on the evening of February 12 as a result of a sudden brain aneurism.

“Talmage and Irene have for years been faithful supporters and encouragers of Overseas Outreach, along with their daughter, June Kirk, her husband Bruce, and their daughters, as well as David and his wife, Joy. David asked me to write a memorial thought for the funeral, which we want to share with you. We feel both humbled and honored that the Pace family has chosen to request that memorial gifts for Talmage be given to Overseas Outreach. Please join us in praying for our Father to wrap His loving arms around Irene and the entire Pace family as He carries them through this grief. Praise God that ‘we sorrow not as others who have no hope’!”


“The apostle Paul wrote to the believers in Corinth:
‘For though you might have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet you do not have many fathers; for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel. Therefore I urge you, imitate me.’ 1 Corinthians 4:15-16

“As I copy these words, there is a lump in my throat and an ache in my heart as I contemplate the passing of Talmage Pace, my spiritual father. God sent Talmage into my life at the vital time when I was struggling between belief and unbelief, heaven and hell. My dad, my older brother, and my uncles on my father’s side were skeptics, agnostics, and unbelievers, and as a young boy, I wanted to be like the men in my family, so I declared, ‘I don’t believe in God – I’ve never seen Him!’ It would have been so easy for me to harden in that unbelief, but God used my father’s tragic accident, an amazing answer to prayer for him, godly teachers, and an incredible man of God named Talmage Pace to clearly and lovingly preach the gospel. What a man to imitate! A man who knew how to preach the truth in love. In Talmage’s life, grace and truth kissed and blended in balance. Talmage Pace – man of impeccable integrity, an evangelist and church planter with the heart of a pastor and a heart for missions, faithful husband, loving father and grandfather.

“News media – take note! So often you focus on the scandalous preachers, who bring shame to the name of Christ. Give your attention to this man of God – this hero of the Faith!

Talmage, we miss you now, but we sorrow not as others who have no hope! We will see you on the other side – in glory! Hallelujah!”

We sent to George Carillet by email a copy of my “Tribute to Talmage Pace” and received this reply:
“I read your statement. I think it is a grand thing whenever anyone can point to a single person that ‘made the difference.’ Indeed, there have been many influences in your life, from people to events, but there is only one whom you would call your father in the faith. And look at all the lives you have influenced on both sides of the Atlantic, and beyond (through those people). In some sense, Talmage is a spiritual grandfather, unknown to many of his grandchildren and great grandchildren.”

A Lasting Legacy

Following this Tribute to Talmage Pace in recognition of his great legacy, I want to also share with deep gratitude the insert that his family put with his memorial service bulletin.

“Overseas Outreach is an Encouraging, Equipping, and Evangelizing ministry to the people of the Ukraine and other former Soviet Union nations…..
“Rick is a ‘Timothy’ of Talmage Pace; one of his many ‘Sons in the Lord.’ Rick was raised in Longmont, CO, and was led to the Lord through Talmage’s ministry at First Christian Church. Rick is a graduate of Boise Bible College and later did post-graduate study at Ozark Christian College in mission strategy, preaching, personal evangelism and writing.

“Talmage and Irene Pace (along with other members of the Pace family) have been long-time financial supporters and prayer-partners with Rick and his ministry. They have developed a special fondness for one of Rick’s ‘Timothys’, a young Ukrainian Preacher and his wife, Zhenya & Natasha Molodchy of Kharkiv, Ukraine, and their tireless and selfless work in planting new churches and encouraging believers in this most challenging part of the world.

“The Pace family requests that donations made in memory of Talmage be sent to this mission to continue a work so near and dear to Talmage’s heart.”

Prayer Requests

1. Please pray with us for clarity concerning God’s leading about a mission trip this fall. Steve Bragg is doing an excellent job as a missionary church planter in the Philippines, and he has invited me for the third time to come teach and preach on Creation and Christian Evidences for their fall conference late October or early November. Shall I accept this year? If so, shall I make it an “around the world” trip and also go to Ukraine if possible?

2. It is already time for the second printing of “Ready to Give an Answer” in Georgian and the third printing edition in both Russian and English. Please pray with us for the funds to do so and the wisdom in priorities.

3. Please earnestly pray for everyone in Ukraine – especially for believers in our Lord Jesus to be wise and bold witnesses in this time of crisis. Yesterday on a news report I heard that 31 people died in a fire in Odessa, caused by the clash between conflicting groups in the city. Today I heard that the death toll has reached 42. Zhenya wrote in an email that 100 people were reported injured. Sadly, the reality is that bloody “civil” war is already taking place in several cities in Ukraine. In February when I was in Nikolaev watching the bloody conflict and fiery carnage on TV about what was happening in Ukraine’s capitol city, I thought it was all concentrated in Kiev. When the fighting stopped there, I thought it was over. Let’s pray for multitudes of needy souls in Ukraine – and Russia – to open their hearts to Jesus, the Prince of Peace!!!

4. We are proud to announce that the Grand Opening
for Northwest Science Museum’s Vision Center is June 14th, 2014.

We have hired Stan Lutz on a part-time basis, beginning May 1st (to transition into full time as soon as possible), and we now have set our opening of the Vision Center at 1831 N. Wildwood in Boise for June 14th. (Our door for the Vision Center actually faces King Street, one block north of Fairview – halfway between Five Mile and Cloverdale. Many of you have been praying with us for this – and some of you are donors. Those of you who donate regularly and sacrificially to Overseas Outreach – please accept this as an invitation to prayer more than a fundraising appeal. However, this need may truly strike a responsive chord in the hearts of many of our readers, so if God stirs your heart to donate, you can make your check to Northwest Science Museum and send it to us or directly to NWSM at P. O. Box 9447, Boise, ID 83707. If you know someone who might be interested in helping with NWSM in prayer, finances, or any other way, please share this letter with them or send us information about how to contact them.
What Difference Can It Make?

If you wonder what difference our museum will make in people’s lives, please consider these two letters from teenage girls who have not only viewed the displays, but also helped us with set-up, etc.

“I really appreciate the work that has gone into the Northwest Science Museum! I love that it proves much of the Bible with artifacts and historical evidence. This proof has greatly strengthened my faith and encouraged me to share what I’ve learned. Not only is the information helpful, but it is very interesting! I love hearing about what it was like in Bible times.” – Katie, 15 years old.

“The Northwest Science Museum has impacted me greatly. I love seeing all the discoveries made that prove evolution wrong and the Bible right and just learning more about creation. I think the Museum is a great way to show the world its true Creator and to help people be equipped to show others the truth.” – Jeni, 13 years old.

5. Please pray for God’s richest blessings on Wade and Tamara Roye in their marriage and service to our Lord together. We published a letter from them last month – the first one in the section “From Our Mailbox” – but we did not explain. Tamara Chernova became my primary interpreter in the city of Nikolaev and is like another adopted daughter to me. She met Wade a couple of years ago when he came on a mission trip to Ukraine and she served as his interpreter. Last year she shared her heart with me, with her older brother, Alexi, and with her pastor, Alexander Rudenko, to seek our counsel and prayer. (Like Della, Tamara, is an orphan success story.) When I was in Ukraine in February, Wade was planning to come back in April, so they could make their formal announcement of engagement to Christian Church of Reconciliation – but the threat of war changed that plan, as well as their plan for a June wedding. Wade told her, “I think we better get you out of Ukraine as soon as possible!” He made the arrangements and about mid-March, Tamara called me on my cell phone and asked, “Do you have any friends in Ukraine?” “Yes, lots of them!” “Crimea?” Then it dawned on me, and I asked, “Tamara, is that you?” She just laughed! “Where are you?” “In Texas!” On March 30th my emotionally adopted daughter from Crimea and Nikolaev became Mrs. Wade Roye. She has also been recruited as a linguist to work with Pioneer Bible Translators. Praise God for answered prayers!!

From Our Mailbox
“I am writing to thank you for the beautiful contribution you made to ARM Prison Outreach through the donation of your two books, “Is The Bible Without Any Errors” and “More Than Conquerors in Cultural Classes.” I was visiting a prison in Kentucky last week and I had an inmate ask me if I could direct him to any good materials concerning “errors in the Bible” and I was delighted to tell him that I certainly could and I have already sent him your wonderful book. This is going to be a great blessing to many. Next month I will visit a prison in Arkansas, which by the way is the flagship prison of the state. I visit each year and I will take a box of your books there as well. Do not worry, we will have no problem distributing them and we will be very careful to ensure they are placed in the hands of inmates who will read and benefit from them. You have donated books to us in the past and it has always been a joy to work with you. I thank you very much for your confidence in ARM Prison Outreach.

I was very concerned because you were in Ukraine at the same time that great disturbance broke out. I have thought about you on many occasions. It must have been a terrifying experience for you, and for Della waiting at home.

God bless you! Thank you for your world-wide missionary efforts and thank you most of all for remembering us and our needs with prisoners in this country.

May God’s riches and finest of blessing be yours.
Saved to serve the Savior,

Joe R. Garman
President, ARM Prison Outreach, Intl”


“I have been praying for you since the news of your safe exit. It reminded me very much of the Apostle Paul escaping over the wall in a basket. Praise our Father for your safety. Praise Him for how his church grows under persecution. May our brothers and sisters be found faithful. May we also be full of faith and faithful. I had a volunteer chaplain with me this morning. We read your letter together. Then we prayed for you. Praise our Father that he knows all the good things he brings about as his children pray. So our love and prayers go with you and the precious ones in war torn and atheistic countries.
‘Keep looking up and marching on.’
Love and prayers,
Dick Halaas”

“Wait upon the Lord, be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart.” Ps. 27:14


“I finally started reading your book today, More Than Conquerors in Cultural Clashes. Steven and Juliana said several times today, Dad why are you laughing? Your common sense arguments to idiotic strongholds are spot on….. ‘Professing to be wise, they became fools.’ (Rom 1:23) You are right that it is about rebellion, not science. It is easy to outsmart or think a fool or foolish argument. You say it plain and simple and with love. Sometimes we need a big hammer and chisel, or a laser focused Light, to break through the thick veil of darkness. You are an encouragement to me and I am sure, all who read this book. I am praying the skeptics or those confused will see the Light; the Truth; their Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ! I am praying this will be Truth we all can use, in love, to win souls for our Lord.

Steve Bragg”

The earthly life in Crimea is very uncertain right now. We don’t know whether we can travel to mainland of Ukraine in future, we don’t know whether we can have two citizenships (Ukrainian and Russian) or what would be the price of not having Russian citizenship. There is a long list of ‘don’t knows’. That is why some of key ministers are thinking of moving to the mainland. Some people just don’t want to live in Russia because it is an updated version of the Soviet union. So if key people move with their families, it will be hard time for our church. People need Lord’s guidance in this difficult situation. This is one of the main prayer needs we have in our church.

Another concern is finances. The bank system in the Crimea is paralyzed. So we as church and as family don’t have access to our finances. Though we have money for our everyday life we don’t want to lose our finances which is possible in this political situation.

The third prayer request is unity in the church and wisdom for me to lead people in these circumstances. People have different understanding of the situation and different feelings about it. So we need unity and love above all this situation. The situation is a test for our spiritual maturity.

Yuri” (Krocha)


“The news and events in our country remind us every day: we do not belong to this world. Our home is not here. The Savior prompted us: “ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass” (Mt.24:6). I have to confess: pretty hard to not be troubled when your life and family is impacted by those wars and rumours of wars directly. But we always have our confidence, comfort and assurance in Jesus and being reminded by Him that the end is not yet, we are reaching forth unto those things which are before, press on toward the goal. We must work the works of Him that sent us, while it is day. New challenges bring new opportunities. And the Lord provides the opportunities constantly.”

Sergei Golovin

“Hi, Rick

Largely due to your influence, I have incorporated Creation Evangelism into my outreach. Though I don’t have many conversational English class students anymore, please notice the books I have on the table in front of them for them to borrow if they want to do so.
Tomorrow I take the bus to Vilnius, Lithuania to present a sermon that basically is an endorsement of Why Won’t They Listen? …..

God bless you and thank you for your influence! Greetings to Della and the rest of the family!
Victor” (Barviks), Latvia


Closing note to our faithful donors and prayer partners….

We hope that these messages will be an enlightening to you about the issues Christians in Ukraine are facing, as well as an encouragement to you, as they are to us.

Serving the King of kings together with you, Rick & Della

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