August 2011

The Atheists are Coming!

Dear Friends & Prayer Partners,

On Saturday, July 30th, about 7:30 a.m. Stan Lutz (our Northwest Science Museum director) called me and asked for prayer because the “Free-Thinkers” Club had invited the Atheists of Idaho to come with them that day to discredit our museum. We were in Keizer, Oregon, and prayed earnestly for God to give Stan wisdom, and many other believers were praying too. That afternoon we attended Becky Cherry’s wedding at Central Christian Church in Portland, and when we checked my cell phone afterwards, we had a message from Stan praising God for the encounter. Stan has an incredible mind full of scientific facts, but he was relying on the power of God. Even though there was a whole group of atheists opposed to what Stan had to present, God put the right words in his mouth at the right time with the right documentation, and the atheists were dumbfounded. At least one of them told Stan, “This isn’t what we expected!” Stan’s young apprentice, Sam Harper, chuckled over the encounter after they left. What an amazing God we serve! Are you praying, “Lord, please fill me with Your Spirit and put me in the right place at the right time with the right words to honor You”? Try it! Then observe how He works. You may be amazed.

Later Stan told me that one member of the group gave $1.00 for offering – and the group took about $200.00 worth of books. Praise God! Please pray with us that they will read and be converted. Somehow Stan also got a copy of an email intended only for their group. Here are some excerpts. Notice the tone in it.

“Alright Everyone – this trip to the Creation Museum is being hosted by Dan Thering and his group WVFT (West Valley Free Thinkers.) He’s inviting Idaho Atheists – and any other secular groups in town that are interested in attending. This event is free, but of course – you have to pay for your own laundry after _____ yourselves laughing at the ‘creation exhibits.’
~ Mike”

Here is the info Dan provided for the event:
“At approximately 12:30 – 1 p.m., we will drive over to Zion Christian School, the facility currently housing the NW”S”(C)M. As representatives of the secular community, please try to remain as respectful as possible. Criticisms and the odd giggle may be hard to avoid, but please treat their exhibit as you would want them to treat any public museum.”

Perhaps our flyers given out at the “God and Country Rally” just before the 4th of July were what got the attention of the atheists. We distributed nearly 2,000 copies of a flyer with this on one side:

Atheist America?

Has it ever occurred to you that it is absolutely impossible for an atheist to be a true American patriot? Why? Because he denies the tenants of the founding documents on which this constitutional republic was built. For example, our Declaration of Independence states: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Since an atheist denies that we have a Creator, he therefore denies that we are endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights!! This undermines the foundation on which this nation was built!

Are you also fed up with atheists (also known as humanists or secular humanists) undermining and taking over our educational systems, our government branches and our media outlets? Would you like to help us shine the light of truth into the darkness and to re-capture science – and the hearts of our youth from the godless grip of evolutionism’s “science falsely so called”? (1 Timothy 6:20).

This is our invitation for you to join us in shining the light of truth on the subject of science. Almost every scientist who established the various branches of science were creationists. The man honored by many scientists as the greatest scientist was Sir Isaac Newton – but did you know that Newton wrote more about the Bible than he did about science? Why? He honored the Creator. He, and other early scientists, believed that science = “thinking God’s thoughts after Him.” Later those with a philosophy of materialism (evolutionism) corrupted “science” with their own definition of “explaining everything by purely materialistic causes – with no supernatural intervention.” In contrast to their definition, the fact is that the word science literally means knowledge, and the Word of God says, “The fear of God is the beginning of knowledge” (science). (Proverbs 1:7).

Northwest Science Museum Opened This Month!!!

After nearly three years of praying and planning in our Board of Directors meetings, we launched NWSM the second week of June at Zion Christian School (next to McDonalds on 12th Avenue Road South in Nampa). We will only have room to show a few amazing displays – such as the largest mastodon skull ever discovered and the astounding Ica Stones from Peru, which demonstrate clearly that man and dinosaurs were contemporaries (contrary to evolutionary dogma). The purpose of NWSM is to bring glory to God instead of to Darwin, by exposing the jaw-dropping wonders of creation and the mind-boggling frauds of evolutionism (“science falsely so-called”). Please pray for these few amazing displays we start with to impact hearts and lives with the truth, and pray for the funds to get our own building before August 14th, when we have to move from the school.

Northwest Science Museum Has a New Home

We got an extra week at Zion Christian School for our amazing displays, so now we are planning to move them to Calvary Chapel at 10th & Everett in Caldwell on Saturday, August 20th. I hope you can see them there and that you will continue to pray for the funds to hire Stan and get the property to build. Thank you!

More “Divine Appointments”

On the spring mission trip I experienced several times the amazing realization that “my times are in His hands.” For example, on Victory Day, May 9th, I was enjoying the day with Sergey and Ludya Beten and their nurse co-worker, Adeline, in Belgorad-Dnestrofshy. In the morning I was riding with Sergey to see their new church building and I asked him if he saw Vlad Osadchiy very often. Sergey answered that it wasn’t often since Vlad had moved to Belarus. Suddenly he pointed and said, “There he is now, walking with his wife, Valentina!” We intercepted them and took them with us to see the building and enjoyed fellowship and prayer together. To clarify, I first met Vlad Osadchiy at the “Man and the Christian Worldview” conference about eight or nine years ago. He was serving as director of the English Department at Open Christian University in Odessa, and he invited me to come there, so he is the man who opened that door of service for me to teach many times at Open Christian University. Praise God! Here is a copy of the letter Vlad sent to me about this encounter:

“Glory for God you are at home safely! I and my wife, Valentina, send you our deep appreciations. Yesterday we accomplished observing all your materials you had given us. It is really (a) treasure and pure testimonial evidence about our Lord. Thank you VERY MUCH! We will share it with other people at the first case. And of course, we enjoyed tremendously the ‘Fireproof’ DVD. Dear Rick, your ministry is very important to us. You are pure sample for us how we could serve our Lord! Let God keep you safe and your family! We thank (the) Lord again for our ‘incidental’ meeting.

Warmly in Christ, Vlad and Valentina.

P.S. Please pray for my China trip.” (Reprinted from our June letter)

Another divine encounter occurred in Kiev at the creation conference when an unbeliever invited by one of the participants visited our workshop session. The question he asked after the presentation tipped me off to the fact that he was an unbeliever. The session finished just before lunch, and when I noticed that none of the believers were sharing with him, I asked my interpreter if she would help me. We shared with Valarie the basic truths of the gospel and Russian copies of my book, “Ready to Give an Answer” and the booklet, “Is the Bible Without Any Errors?” after he agreed to read them. Then we gave him a free lunch. When we began discussing with him, he was totally focused on his huge problems and told me, “You wouldn’t understand.” I countered, “Oh, really? My wife was an orphan with multiple problems.” His eyes widened as I shared Della’s testimony as a platform for sharing the gospel.

Friends, remember that whatever you are going through – you are going through! You are not stuck in it forever – you are going through it. Whatever God allows in your life, He will use for your good and His glory if you give it over to Him. “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and be ready always to give an answer to every man who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you…” 1 Peter 3:15. Why do others ask you a reason for the hope that is in you? Primarily because they see the joy, faith, hope and love in you, especially when you are going through tough times!

By the way, later at a plenary session for our creation conference I mentioned to my co-workers that an unbeliever attended one of our workshops and no Russian speaker stepped up to talk to him afterwards. “We are at an apologetics conference, and that is like having a fish jump into your boat when you are fishing! Let’s be careful never to miss the opportunities God places before us!”

Prayers & Praises from Georges Carillet’s Latest Report

“Tabitha continues to try to make ends meet, having reduced shops and staff and salaries as much
as is possible and still stay ‘in business.’ The economy is so bad that sales have been so low since
mid last year that Tabitha still has a long ways to go to make enough to pay for the clothing that
they are selling. Please continue to pray for Tabitha — its sales, staff and ministries.
Christian Center for Science and Apologetics, our partner ministry (I am chairman of the
board), continues to have a tremendous impact in Ukraine and beyond. Sergei writes in his
monthly newsletter:

‘The month has started with the exciting experience of “Without Walls” youth leaders
festival on evangelism. More than 250 young devoted believers from Russia, Ukraine,
Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Byelorussia came
together to share experience and explore the ways of effective Good News spreading
despite political and legal problems the Church face in the most of these countries.’

Pray for this vital and effective ministry. Some of our faculty and staff translate apologetics and
other books that are published by the CCSA.

Pray for my mother. She is 86 and with heart problems; she is finding it hard to adjust to the
need to slow down more and more. She still has a home Bible study group of 12 ‘seniors’ — these
ladies really care for each other and help keep each other going.”

Praises & Prayers from Sergei Golovin’s Latest Report

“Brief, but highly excited was a retreat with a group of young national media leaders at our Small Groups Retreat House, where we had a baptism – a leading host at one of the most popular national radio stations and a presenter of some show at national TV channel. Please join our praises to the Lord and prayers for the person’s walk with the Lord and the impact he may make through his access to media. (I do not mention the name for his job security sake – he will have much more freedom to share the message that way).

Another exciting news of the month is a progress with Apologetics ministry through media in Central Asia. Eurasian Apologetics Society coordinator of the region has delivered the final files, and we have released a ‘Worldwide Flood’ audiobook ( and about to release ‘Simply Essential’ short films collection in Uzbek language. The law of the land implies severe persecutions for Christian printed books distribution, but did not have any measures against electronic media yet. Few years ago we supplied the CA branch with a Kindle-type e-books reader and huge electronic Christian library one can easily travel with and use for ministry and followers training. Nevertheless video and audio files exchange is much more popular in the country with low literacy level but easy access to the media. Almost every household has DVD and/or audio players.”

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